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the Directorate of

Planning & Development 

Scope of the activities of Directorate of Planning and Development:

  • Advising the university authority in planning new projects in short and long terms.
  • Guiding the Departments, Institutes, Offices and Engineering Section of BUET for preparing Pre-DPP or DPP (Development Project Proposal) to secure funds from GoB for new infrastructures and lab facilities.
  • While construction related works are fully administered by the Engineering Section of BUET, the local and foreign procurements of lab and office equipment for all the entities (Departments, Institutes and Offices) of BUET through e-GP (electronic Government Procurement portal) or traditional tendering are fully administered by the Directorate (P&D) in accordance with the PPR (Public Procurement Regulation/Act).

    The sources of these procurements are recurring fund, BUET’s own fund, special and development funds received from GoB, World Bank loan for HEQEP (Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project) etc.

    The administration process includes preparing templates for bid documents, a review of legal and technical matters, inviting tenders, receiving tenders, review of the evaluations by the entities for quality control, awarding to the successful bidder, making contracts, assisting the entities in receiving goods from supplier/C&F agents, etc. and getting approval from Vice-Chancellor at every step.

  • Creating e-GP accounts for all the users (Heads, Directors, TEC/TSC members, Sub Project Managers under HEQEP) within BUET and for those tenders which are to be administered on-line.
  • Preparations of reports for appraisal of various government agencies (e.g. UGC, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Planning etc.) on the progress of on-going development projects.
  • Receiving the instruments (cheques) for allocated funds from UGC and handing over to Comptroller of BUET.
  • Advising Comptroller of BUET in releasing the bills, tender security and performance security related to the procurements of equipment.
  • Assisting the internal bodies headed by Vice-Chancellor e.g. Planning and Development Committee, Master Plan Committee, Syndicate etc. in policy/decision making on infrastructures.
  • Liaison with the Engineering Section responsible for constructing the physical infrastructures under development funds.